CO2 neutral flight

CO2-neutral flyrejse

Traveling by air is a CO2 emitting process. Keeping the planes in air requires a large amount of fuel, and the huge number of flighttravels taking place both domestically and internationally every day are causing severe harm to the environment.  

A green partnership

The Danish travel agency Skov Rejser has chosen to incorporate a green and environmentally friendly CSR strategy in order to take on some of the responsibility caused by air traveling.

More specifically, their CSR strategy has resulted in a partnership with the value-based company Vitapus.

Vitapus is helping companies by making the necessary resources available to ensure that companies learn and understand, how they can live up to their social responsibility.

As a result of the partnership Skov Rejser is now offering customers to make their flight trip CO2 neutral, when they purchase a ticket.   

How air traveling can be CO2 neutralized

Skov Rejser is offering their customers to make their trip CO2 neutral, when they book a vacation. In order to contribute more and make the offer more appealing to customers, Skov Rejser has chosen to pay fifty percent of the costs related to neutralizing the CO2 emission out of their own pocket. Thus, the customer only has to pay the remaining fifty percent to make their trip CO2 neutral.  

As an extra bonus everyone, who choose to make their flight CO2 neutral, is automatically participating in a competition with the price of a five-star CO2 neutral vacation.

Gold Standard carbon offset projects

Based on calculations and research conducted by The Center for Air Transportation Systems Research, Vitapus is able to calculate the amount of CO2 emitted by every single flight trip.

After that Vitapus creates the necessary CO2 reduction by participating in carbon offset projects with the aim of generating measurable and permanent CO2 reductions. A common denominator for all the projects in which Vitapus is engaged, is that they Gold Standard verified, which is a seal of approval introduced by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


Henrik Skov speaks about

– “At Skov Rejser we are very interested in living up to our responsibility to society. Based on this we decided to cooperate with Vitapus, which means that we can now offer our customers to CO2 neutralize their flight trips.”

Henrik Skov continues: “For a long time we have worked to give our customers this opportunity, and we are very pleased with the result. Therefore, it is our hope that our customers will find it equally important as well.”

Skov Rejser Casrten Aaby & Henrik Skov